In which my own mother is like a Nancy Drew character with a curious past of jetsetting that she articulated with SUSPICIOUS CAPITAL LETTERS.

In which my own mother is like a Nancy Drew character with a curious past of jetsetting that she articulated with SUSPICIOUS CAPITAL LETTERS.

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YEAH, NIK, I LOVE THE DEADLY DEVICE! High five, Team Science!

(P.S. why is there not a bigger fanbase for that game?)

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The interview with Nik and Cathy is making me really want a companion guide to the games with all of the unused storylines and other bits and bobs that never made it into the games.

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Anonymous asked: unpopular opinion: I don't feel bad for Ewan at all. I feel like a lot of people did for some reason.

See, it’s weird, because I do feel bad for Ewan but I’m usually in your camp. Like, I hardly ever sympathize with villains. I love them as characters but I never jump on board with the “Oh, you poor misunderstood baby!” thing.

And I don’t really with Ewan? I guess… I don’t quite sympathize with him, but I pity him and I just want to sigh and be like “nooo this was so unnecessary,” because he’s just so completely blind to everything that Revenant is doing to him because he needs that outside validation so much. I just find him pretty tragic and I can’t entirely hate him because I think he could have been redeemed if he had some sort of guidance.

And I don’t think he really realized that everything he was doing had real consequences. Like when Nancy mails the card for Revenant and she’s like, “I’m going to pretend this is for a wedding…” logically she knows it’s not, but her motivation to comply is stronger than the practical logic that tells her not to. I think that’s what Ewan was sort of doing all along — he knew what he was doing, but he sort of ignored the fact that it was real until he was in too deep.

yumisbento asked: unpopular opinion. i really dislike CUR!! the story was interesting but also some what lacking. The puzzles frustrate me, and the secret passage annoyed the heck out of me. The characters weren't all that great either I thought.. my other? I don't really like CRY either. It just got really annoying after awhile having to do weird puzzles to find the eyes. and once you found the eyes it wasn't that rewarding. i liked the general story though. and lamont. (but i really hate dr. gilbert!!!!)

I sort of agree. Neither of these are really standouts for me, but I don’t hate them, either. I definitely found the puzzles in CUR frustrating. I think it’s because there are just so. many.
I love the atmosphere of CRY but again the puzzles were a bit tedious.

And I agree about Dr. Buford, the way he hit on Bess was so weird!

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kokokringlesandsonnyjoon asked: I don't know if this is unpopular but I found Jane creepy. I wasn't really sympathetic to her (I mean, my parents split up but I didn't try and make my stepmother think she was turning into a werewolf!).

AGREE AGREE. Thank you!

She didn’t really have any redeeming qualities. She just seemed like a brat. I was really peeved at the ending when she didn’t get any real punishment, and it indirectly made it seem like everybody else was to blame for being inattentive to her or something.

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principlesofprudence asked: Potentially unpopular opinions: I think TOT is a good game, it had relevant puzzles and realistic characters, even though the story was lacking.... also I think Elliot is a really underrated character.

TOT is my least favorite game. I agree with you about the puzzles — they fit very well into the story. I wasn’t particularly impressed with the characters or story, though. I guess it just wasn’t my cup of tea!

I agree about Elliot, he’s definitely an underrated character and an underrated culprit. I liked all of the characters in CAR, in fact.

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kokokringlesandsonnyjoon asked: unpopular opinion: I didn't really like STFD. It could be because my experience in playing it was bad, but overall, I found the dialogue to be really cheesy and the characters kinda strange.

I have to disagree because I really enjoy STFD, but I can definitely see what you mean about the dialogue. The cheesiness has always held some charm for me, but it is pretty goofy. Appropriate for a game about a soap opera, though. ;)

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roeocean asked: I dunno if this is an unpopular opinion or not... but... I think that the voice acting was terrible in Shadow at the Water's Edge. It seems like they didn't even TRY. :/

I’m not really an authority on dialects but, yeah, it wasn’t the greatest for me, either. Not really the accents themselves but the consistency across the board.

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Let’s do the unpopular opinion thing! Send me an unpopular Nancy Drew opinion.

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